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Thompson Speaks out about Loco Roco

Jack Thompson vs Loco Roco
"This game trains the McDonald's generation to eat bugs and gain unhealthy amounts of weight" Jack Thompson, Florida lawyer and outspoken anti-video game advocate said upon the release of Sony's new Playstation Portable game, Loco Roco.

"Much like Grand Theft Auto trained our young ones to be criminals, and Bully trained them for their own Columbine, Loco Roco teaches our kids that eating bugs is okay, and getting fat is the primary goal in life. Frankly, the insect population just can't handle it." Thompson said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Thompson is best known for his media appearances berating the video game industry for releases like Grand Theft Auto and the upcoming Bully. Thompson is usually met with frothing opponents while he is seen keeping his cool, thus winning over mainstream media to his cause.

Loco Roco is a new release by Sony which puts the player in control of a small blob, who eats insects as you tilt the world around him, growing large enough to fight flying rastafarians.

"We must fight for our invertibrate cousins and boycott Loco Roco wherever it may be sold. Even Wal Mart." Thompson said, "We can't allow our children to be exposed to such blatant corpulence."

At the end of his conference, Thompson gave a warning: "The game also features a sort of gibberish soundtrack. I believe it will teach our children to speak in tongues. Keep them away from this game!" He then waved his hands in the air and said "ooooooooooooooooooooh!!!!!" all spooky-like.

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