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Podcast for 09.06.10 | PAX 2010 Recap


This week is all about PAX Prime 2010, which took place this last weekend in Seattle. We saw a ton of cool games, hung out with a bunch of awesome like-minded nerds and came back with incredibly sore feet and backs. Like old people. Join me, Jinny, Qais and Ross in discussing all the cool stuff we saw this week. Stay tuned for the song of the week, as well.

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Podcast for 03.15.10 | Treed


This week, join Qais, Jinny, Ross and me in discussing GDC 2010, Emerald City Comic Con, Crackdown 2, Puzzle Quest 2, NBA Jam, indie gaming, Pac-Man and iPhone games like Words with Friends. Lots of gaming stuff in this episode, and tons of mailbag! Thanks for sending in your questions, peeps.

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Podcast for 01.11.10 | IN THREE DEE


It's still the future, and we're here again this week with a rundown of the best in news you probably didn't know you cared about. Join me, Jinny, Ross and Qais to discuss CES's ups and downs, as well as the overlap between attendees of CES and the AVN convention. We touch on sex robots, interesting new technologies such as cell phone projectors and wireless storage devices and hit you with a bit of video game news. We talk about new Fallout, NBA Jam and Zelda games, as well as such diverse subjects as old men with sword canes trying to get on airplanes (that almost rhymes!), Netflix and Warner Brothers' unholy agreement and other things. Listen, won't you?

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